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SBAS – Recruitment tool

SBAS  is a selling skills recruitment tool that helps sales leaders and HR recruit with confidence. SBAS stands for ‘Scenario Based Assessment System’ and it is specifically designed to help you identify if a candidate has the right skills for your complex selling role before you appoint them.

Have you ever recruited sales people who performed below expectations? Have you experienced lost revenue and profits as a result? Do you wonder if you have turned away candidates who could have been successful?

SBAS is a collection of online assessments which test a candidate’s complex selling capabilities and gives you a true picture of their capabilities during the interview process.

How it works

Candidates are presented with a prospect client scenario, the key players within that company and a complex selling goal. Through a series of questions they are asked how they would respond at each stage of the selling process. The platform evaluates their answers, and produces a report detailing their strengths and weaknesses relative to best practice in complex selling.


HR and Sales Leaders can recruit with greater confidence and peace of mind, avoiding the stress and disruption of an incorrect appointment. Selecting the right candidates leads to a strong and stable sales team – the bedrock to increased revenue, profit and market share.

Huthwaite International  have worked in association with Kompany Ltd who own, develop and administrate the SBAS based on insights from world class IP.

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