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VBA Negotiation

This is an intensive course that teaches you the negotiation skills practiced by the most effective negotiators in the world. You will learn how to set objectives, how to prepare and plan as well as how to use the verbal behaviours needed as a skilled negotiator.

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You will begin developing your skills by studing the key concepts via e-learning. This is followed by two intensive days in the training room where you will learn further insights as well as participate in role plays as both buyer and seller. Your behaviours will be recorded after each roleplay to enable you to fine tune for the next one. This ‘roleplay-record-roleplay’ approach is hard work but it helps to ensure you fully understand and hone your new skills, increasing your confidence and fluency as you go.

Who should attend?

The Huthwaite VBA Negotiating skills training programme is for you if . .

  • You come from sales, procurement, or any other part of the modern organisation.
  • You regularly negotiate about a relatively small range of issues (usually not more than half a dozen), or you do so quite frequently and often deal with another party in the form of a one-to-one conversation.
  • The topics of your negotiation are often fairly similar from one day to the next which means that you will have the autonomy or mandate to agree terms without referral back inside your organisation for additional complex scenario planning.

After your VBA Negotiation open course you will know how to avoid concessions, how to swiftly reach agreed conclusions, how to sustain good relationships with your customers and/or suppliers and approach all the negotiations that you typically face with renewed confidence.

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