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SPIN® Marketing Courses

SPIN® Marketing courses help to synchronise how Sales and Marketing think about customers, so communicate with greater consistency.

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It’s not uncommon for Sales and Marketing teams to work in isolation of each other. Different objectives and a lack of understanding on both sides are a common cause of conflict. This course is specifically designs to dissolve such conflicts by harmonising both teams around a common more persuasive approach to messaging and communication.

The course will help you to identify how customer-centric your existing marketing is and how to take it forward by building a more persuasive case around your strongest differentiators. You will learn how to conduct competitive analyses at a market and product level and use that to strengthen your differentiation and positioning.

During the workshop, we pay close attention to scenarios from your existing or planned marketing campaigns, whether the bias is more towards print and press activity, digital and social or both.

SPIN® Marketing can work alone or in tandem with SPIN® Selling to enable Sales and Marketing  to work together cohesively and provide a consistent message to buyers and the market place more generally.

Who should attend?

The Huthwaite SPIN® Marketing course is for you if you are:

  • Involved in the creation or briefing of marketing communications
  • An experienced marketer requiring a valuable refresher
  • An inexperienced or non-marketer tasked with a marketing role
  • A Creative agency wanting to adopt a consistent methodology to support message development on behalf of clients.

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